Courageous Rebirth

It is a blessing, and also a privilege, to know the joy of rest and rejuvenation in the comfort of the familiar. And, yet, there is much of value and purpose within each of us that requires discomfort in order to come to life. Some religious traditions posit that a particular moment of rebirth of this sort is essential to living a life of faith and purpose. Others propose that a metaphysical process of endless re-birth is what gives shape and meaning to life. UU theology has a balanced approach to these essential matters, and it can guide us and prepare us for Courageous Rebirth.
Our guest minister today is the Rev. Eric Cherry. Since 2007 Rev. Cherry has been the director of the UUA’s International Office, managing our relationships with U/Us and interfaith partners around the world, as well as helping local congregations with international engagement. He has also served our congregations in Burlington, Iowa and North Easton, Massachusetts. He currently lives in Mansfield, MA with his wife, Linda.