Reverend David Kohlmeier

Practicing Resurrection

In our culture we most often hear about “resurrection” in the context of Christian claims about the alleged one-time resurrection of Jesus, but what if resurrection is an ongoing fact of everyone’s life? This service will draw from the wisdom of Hinduism and Earth-Centered traditions … read more.

Resurrecting the Humanist Heart

While “Theism” is a religion centered on a God, “Humanism” is centered on us. For many decades Humanism was the dominant way of thinking in Unitarian Universalism, but some Humanists feel that is changing and they wonder if they still belong. This morning we’ll look … read more.

The Promise & the Practice

It’s been over 20 years since we declared as a nationwide Unitarian Universalist Association our goal to be an anti-racist, anti-oppressive, multicultural movement. Have things really changed? It’s time to move beyond promising and start practicing what this requires. In this special service all readings … read more.

Easter Sunday

On this joyous day we celebrate the return of spring, and we remember a 2,000 year old mystery which dares to claim that love conquers death and that evil never has the last word. This is a service for all ages.

The Fire of Committment

We kick off this year’s stewardship campaign with a service about what it means to be a committed fellowship. Why does UUFF need to exist? What is our mission at this time? What will it take to be who we are called to be?

Don’t Give Up

At a time in history that is so discouraging, we will come together for an All Ages service. We will hold on to what is good, look at what we can do, and remember how to care for each other as we stay committed to … read more.


This contemplative, meditative service has ancient roots, going back over 1100 years. As readings from the oldest Gospel are shared, describing the final hours of Jesus’ life, candles are slowly extinguished, until the whole sanctuary is dark. We try to enter into that … read more.

Dinner Church

Did you know that when the first followers of Jesus gathered together for worship they did so in private homes, around a dinner table? The first Communions (also called Mass or Eucharist) were basically potluck meals. Early Eastern European Unitarians also shared Communion … read more.