Current (10/21/21) Building Use Regulations

The UU Falmouth Governing Board reminds all who use the Meeting House that the current HVAC system offers minimal circulation of air which is needed during the Covid-19 Pandemic. All who enter the Meeting House are reminded that the current conditions and policy may not meet their individual health status and decide for themselves.
Limited use of the Meeting House is permitted by small groups of ten (10) or fewer for worship or meetings under the following conditions.
These conditions can be changed as the situation warrants.

  • Groups must have one person serving as leader register to use the room in advance with the administrator to ensure that only one group is in the room at a time.
  • The Leader must send each person the reminder for all users of the Meeting House (above).
  • As ours is an inclusive faith, all groups will consider all accommodations to ensure that their group is inclusive of all those who wish to participate and may not wish to gather in person.
  • Size of the group limited to 10.
  • Participants must be vaccinated (self-reporting).
  • Only the corner rooms (both wings) are permitted to be used.
  • Participants must always wear properly fitting masks.
  • Hand sanitizer/hand washing will be used by all persons entering and exiting the room.
  • All windows are to be fully open before the gathering begins. At the conclusion of the gathering, the leader is responsible for closing and locking all windows.
  • Bathrooms may be used. Masks must remain on while in the building.
  • Kitchen, Sanctuary and other rooms are off limits.
  • The Sanctuary may only be used by the choir under the direction of the Music Director.

Click here for a printable version of these regulations.


Handicapped parking spaces are opposite the front door of the church.


There is a wheelchair accessible stall in two of our bathrooms.


Assisted listening devices are available for all worship services. They are located at the high desk to the right of the front entrance. Speakers are encouraged to use a microphone at all times.


Large print hymnals are available.