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Watch the UU Falmouth Whole Life Learning Program Videos on the Cape Cod Climate Emergency and Eco-Justice:

YouTube Video Links to the Eight Seminars of the Cape Cod Climate Emergency and Eco-Justice Series:

  1. The Cape Cod Climate Emergency and Eco-Justice Seminar Series: Introduction (Co-sponsored by UU Falmouth’s Whole Life Learning Program a nd Social and Environmental Action Committee and St. Barnabas Church of Falmouth’s Outreach):   Introduction
  2. Cape Cod’s climate emergency reality and opportunities for change: Best practices and progress (Cape Cod Commission, Cape Cod Climate Collaborative, and the Association to Preserve Cape Cod):  Climate Emergency
  3. How to have the greatest impact on the climate emergency and Eco-injustice: Local priorities, your values, passions, competencies, and resources and how to apply them individual, with others, as a community, and on a wider scale:
    Greatest Impact
  4. Fossil free at home, on the road, and beyond: Heating, solar, vehicles, and Eco-justice traveling: Eco-Justice Traveling
  5. The ins and outs of an Eco-justice life style on Cape Cod: Consumption, eating, and disposing for earth and Eco-justice:  Eco-justice Lifestyle
  6. How to transition your investment portfolio for the climate, the environment, and Eco-justice:  Investments
  7. Bringing back native plants, species, and Eco-systems to Cape Cod: Native Plants
  8. Supporting youth in climate and eco-justice leadership and action: Mass Audubon’s Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary youth leaders, and education coordinator, a high school teacher, social worker, faith community leader, and leaders of the Faith Communities Environmental Network: Supporting Youth

February to May FCEN Events

State of the Waters of Cape Cod

Know the Local Climate Plan: Cape Cod Commission’s Climate Action Plan

Upper Cape Progressive Engagement Calendar

Falmouth’s climate vulnerability Facts

Boston Globe’s “At the Edge of a Warming World” Video on the Cape’s climate vulnerability

Sustainable fishing, farming, aquaculture, and renewable energy


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