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Semi-Secular Christmas Eve

You’re invited to an afternoon service of Christmas carols and Christmas stories. Come along for this festive, tender, and joyous service that takes place at 4 PM.

Path of Wonder

Join us this Sunday as we explore the meaning(s) of life through the lyrics of Stevie Wonder, artist extraordinaire. What can we learn about ourselves and the world from an artistic career that started in 1963 and continues to today?

The Serious Business of Fun

The Serious Business of Fun, The Rev. Joe Cherry. It’s been a tradition in the Meeting House to collect warm clothing during December to be shared with others who have less than we might. This Sunday, we’re going to pair this tradition with another: silly … read more.

Holy Curiosity

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Humans are meaning–making animals and as such we are often engaged with the question of “Why?” Anyone who has had the joy of spending time with a 3 year–old, or has been a 3 year–old, knows this. How do we keep … read more.

Our Story

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we reflect on the sixty-three years that the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Falmouth has nurtured our community. The Membership Committee will present highlights of UU Falmouth’s history from its founding in 1959 to the present day.

A Strong Foundation

Join us this Sunday as we talk about sharing the great work of building homes with our neighbors in Falmouth, Cape Cod and around the world. Ginny Irving is the Director of Resource Development for Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod. A Falmouth native, most … read more.

A Community Memorial

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It has been hard to grapple with the losses we have felt over the past 2 1/2 years as a result of the global pandemic. Although we are not through this pandemic yet, we are adjusting to its presence. It is … read more.

The Choice is Yours

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We do not live in a stagnant world, our world is ever shifting and changing. From the ancients to our contemporaries, great thinkers have tried to teach us that change is the only constant in the universe. Change is a universal … read more.

Footstools & Shadows

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Plato’s description of the cave illustrates the philosophical roots of our theology. And yet our theology and the way we see the world is changing.What will influence the way we understand our future; what will help us have new vision? The … read more.