Speaker: Reverend David Kohlmeier

Becoming Ourselves

Our Third UU Principle affirms that we “encourage spiritual growth.” What do we mean by “spiritual”? How can someone have “spiritual growth” if they don’t believe in a God? We’ll explore this subject using insights from the teachings of  Humanism.

One Great Bundle of Humanity

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Sunday we’ll lift up the voices and wisdom of two black voices from the Unitarian tradition, Fannie Barrier Williams and Frances Watkins Harper, and see what these two prophetic women have to teach us today about truly accepting … read more.

Epiphany Sunday

For much of the world, the Magi don’t arrive on Christmas Eve, but later, on Epiphany. This year we’ll be honoring Epiphany, using insights and customs from diverse cultures to help us better understand our Third UU Principle, and what it means to truly “accept … read more.

Thanksgiving Sunday

As is our annual custom, we’ll share a symbolic meal of apple cider and cornbread, and take time to experience awe and gratitude for all the beauty and goodness of our lives.