Speaker: Reverend David Kohlmeier

“The Power of We”

That’s the theme of our 2019 Unitarian Universalist General Assembly (UUGA). In this service our Minister, Director of Family Ministries, Youth Group, and our UUFF delegates to GA will share what they learned and experienced.

“Broken and Whole”

A Sanctuary is a place of safety, and our liberal faith is always calling us to expand our sanctuary to be that safe space for more and more persons. This service will look at how to do that, with wisdom and insight from gender non-binary … read more.

America! America! God Mend Thine Every Flaw

We begin our exploration of the monthly theme of “Sanctuary” by looking at our nation, its promise and its challenges. Using the words and life of Falmouth resident Katherine Lee Bates, through her memorable song, we will celebrate “America the Beautiful.”