Reverend David Kohlmeier

Reason and Reverence

Does it makes sense for reasonable people to talk about “reverence”? Can an Atheist or Agnostic be “religious”? Are spirituality and religion necessary for a fulfilling life? This service will draw primarily from the works of the Rev. Bill Murray, former president of the UU … read more.

Freedom to Submit

One of the largest and fasting growing global religions, “Islam,” emphasizes submission as the central ethic of the spiritual life. Is this the opposite of the Unitarian Universalist emphasis on personal freedom in religion? We’ll explore the relationship of freedom to submission by looking at … read more.

The Limits of Tyrants

2018 saw the 200th birthday of Frederick Douglass: one of the greatest voices of freedom and protest in American history. We’ll consider what Douglass has to say to us today about freedom, oppression, and the complex reality of America.

All Are Called

Who and how are we called to be at this time, individually and collectively? How are we called to act and to live? How does our Unitarian Universalist legacy strengthen us in living out our mission? In what ways does our legacy present challenges and impediments to … read more.

No Time for a Casual Faith

This special service will be a live broadcast from the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly in Kansas City, Missouri, with sermon by our UUA President: the Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray.

Pride and the First Principle

June is Pride Month: a special month for honoring the dignity of LGBTQ people. In honor of Pride Month, we’ll consider the meaning of pride for all of us, with a special focus on our first UU Principle: the inherent worth and dignity of every … read more.

The Challenge of Universalism

In 2004 Pentecostal Bishop Carlton Pearson was excommunicated as a heretic for claiming that God had told him there was no Hell and that all will go to heaven. Eventually Bishop Pearson and his flock would join All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This … read more.

Faith Formation Sunday

The children and youth will share what they have learned during the year. They will give us a glimpse of what faith formation is all about. Mark your calendars and come to a service full of growth, spirituality and faith through the eyes of our … read more.