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October 7th “It’s All Indian Country”

For Indigenous People’s Day Weekend, and in anticipation of our showing the film Mashpee Nine on October 10th, we pause to reflect on this land we inhabit, the uncertain future of the Wampanoag people, and what our values call us to believe and do in response.

October 14th “Transgender Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere”

Massachusetts’ transgender citizens have enjoyed legal protection from discrimination in public places for two years, without incident. Now, they face a campaign to repeal those hard-won rights based on a ”Keep Massachusetts Safe” argument. Do trans folks really “threaten the privacy and safety of women and children,” or does our society threaten theirs? Dr. Maureen Osborne, a cisgender clinical psychologist, will share her thoughts on this subject, based on 25 years of therapeutic conversations with trans people and their families. Dr. Osborne will lead a discussion of this subject after the service.

October 21st – “Principles: Sow, Sew, So What”

Rev. Dan Joslyn will speak on the evolution of beliefs, values, and principles in building communities. How and why do these attitudes and perspectives unfold as they do, and what happens when cultures clash? Drawing on UU Principles and Buddhist Truths and Path teachings, he will suggest how we might use the Zen construct of “Living by Vow” in a way that could open conversations to sort ideas and look deep into how we live through principles, rather than common sense.

Unshin Sangaku Dan Joslyn, Sensei is an ordained Soto Zen Buddhist Priest, in the Mokurai (Silent Thunder) Order. He is the founder of the Falmouth Soto Zen Sangha which meets at UUFF on Tuesdays from 7:00-8:30 PM.

October 28th “Present!”
In this service for all ages we’ll remember those we’ve lost but whose love is still with us. We’ll also reflect on what liberal religion teaches about death and what comfort it offers. You’re invited to bring a picture or object that reminds you of your beloved dead to share on our Altar of Remembrance.