Service most Sundays will be held outside at our UU Falmouth Meeting House! If we can’t meet because of bad weather, you will be notified by email on Saturday. The Service will also be offered on Zoom at the regular login. Coffee Hour will take place after the service in person and on Zoom.

To Join via Zoom email for info Tuesdays – Fridays 9 – 2.

Stay up-to-date with this week’s Sandwich Road Menu and this month’s Sandscript by clicking on Communications. Our Sunday Services are NOT cancelled; they are being held online!

Amazing Grace

No, not the song, though it’s a nice tune. Rev. Joe and the Religious Service Committee share stories of very human grace. Each story is rooted in our human interactions about how we, as people, can bring grace into the world and our relationship.

A Clenched Fist

Hands are complicated things, though we often take them for granted. What can hands symbolize and actualize? Join us this Sunday for a service that reconsiders the ordinary.