2019 General Assembly in Spokane: Day 3

And I thought Wednesday was busy! Our opening worship was led by folk from the UU Church of Spokane, with a sermon by local Baptist minister, the Rev. Happy Watkins. Rev. Happy spoke of his partnership with local UUs, and the work they did together on marriage equality and marijuana legalization. The service reminded me […]

2019 General Assembly in Spokane: Day 2

A typical day at General Assembly is packed full, with worship, workshops, deep conversations, and many opportunities to sink as deep as you want into almost every aspect of religious life. Today started with worship. UUA President, the Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, spoke about our Unitarian Universalist symbol, the flaming chalice, and challenged us to think […]

2019 General Assembly in Spokane: Day 1

The Unitarian Universalist General Assembly (GA) is where delegates from our many member congregations gather together to do the work of our larger faith. It’s an exciting opportunity to learn in a wide variety of workshops, to do expansive worship together, and to vote on the business of our Association. For me, General Assembly began […]

In Times of National Chaos, Our Alternative

“It feels like everything is on fire.” That’s what a local resident of Falmouth recently said to me about the state of our nation, and I agree. These are difficult times. It’s hard to keep track of which oppressed or endangered minority is being attacked now, as civil rights protections keep being rolled back and […]

Vote Yes on Question 3! It is the only moral choice.

  Yesterday at the vigil in solidarity with the Tree of Life Congregation, Rabbi Elias of the Falmouth Jewish Congregation told us one way we can show solidarity with the Jewish community: “support transgender rights.” How are these related? Because, as Rabbi Elias explained, when all minorities are in danger then everyone must come together […]

Black Lives Matter at UU Falmouth!

  Recently a local Falmouth family had their “Black Lives Matter” yard signs stolen, and this isn’t the first time “Black Lives Matter” signs in our community have been stolen or vandalized. It’s a reminder that intolerance and racism are alive on the Upper Cape, even if many of us don’t always notice. In response […]

A Response to the Attorney General’s Recent Use of the Bible to Justify Evil

Like many of you, I’ve been watching in horror and in anger as our government forcibly separates children from their families at the border. The callous manner in which families are destroyed and children traumatized in order to act as a “deterrent” for undocumented migration is shameful. I am one of many clergy that has […]

Finding a Language of Reverence

Our fellowship is non-creedal, meaning there are no specific beliefs you need to have or pretend to have in order to be full members of our community. Our fellowship includes Atheists, Agnostics, and Theists (believers in a God). We include Humanists, Christians, Buddhists, Neo-Pagans, Jewish persons, and many others. Many of us are combinations of […]

Resurrecting the Humanist Heart

What follows is the text of Rev. David’s sermon manuscript from April 15, 2018. The sermon references an essay by Amanda Poppei: the leader/minister of the Washington Ethical Society. You can read an excerpt from Poppei’s essay here.  * Resurrecting the Humanist Heart             Unitarian Universalism began as two liberal Protestant denominations: the Universalist Church of […]


We Unitarian Universalists pride ourselves on our diversity. In our fellowship you’ll find Atheists, Agnostics, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Goddess worshipers, and more, all trying to learn from each other and spiritually grow together. It’s truly refreshing, isn’t it? But we’re not perfect. Something we’ve struggled with for many years, and which we’re often embarrassed to […]