Sunday Service is held at our UU Falmouth Meeting House. The Service will also be offered on Zoom at the regular login. Coffee Hour takes place after the Service and on Zoom. Check this month’s Sandscript, listed on the Communications page, for specifics.

To Join via Zoom email for info

Monday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday, 9 – 2 PM.

Stay up-to-date with this week’s Sandwich Road Menu and this month’s Sandscript by clicking on Communications. Our Sunday Services are both in-person and via Zoom.

General Assembly UUA Service

No service at the Meeting House this morning. Zoom in from the comfort of your home this afternoon at 1PM for this inspirational message (1.5 hours). From the UUA: “Embrace the electrifying spirit of the year’s largest UU gathering, where we come together in unity for an awe-inspiring Sunday worship celebration like no other! It’s a vibrant, […]

It’s Summertime! Kickoff Breakfast

Come join your UU family for a social food and fun gathering. Please bring a favorite breakfast or brunch item to share as we reflect on this successful FY24 year and simply enjoy this goodwill time together.

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