Check the list below for recorded sermons available for replay:

You, Me, Us and Them

This service is about You, Me, Us and Them—some personal journeys into the realm of difference and pluralism. Kathi and Rosa will share how they learned to negotiate and operate in a world where not everyone looks, thinks or acts similarly. Interpreting our 7th Principle: The interconnectedness of all existence highlights the impact our actions […]

Mother’s Day Sunday

Carla Koehl, the Cape Cod Foster Closet Outreach Coordinator, will be introducing the organization and the work it does. In addition, the Caring Committee will recognize this year’s “Volunteer of the Year” award winner.  We are also collecting disposable diapers of all sizes, so please bring them to the Meeting House on or before May […]


What is art? Why is art? John Jackson doesn’t know the answer, but he’s got some opinions that may work for you. We will be celebrating art from our own friends and members, and discussing art, Art, and Aaart! Listen Here