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Watch the UU Falmouth Whole Life Learning Program Videos on the Cape Cod Climate Emergency and Eco-Justice:

YouTube Video Links to the Eight Seminars of the Cape Cod Climate Emergency and Eco-Justice Series:

  1. The Cape Cod Climate Emergency and Eco-Justice Seminar Series: Introduction (Co-sponsored by UU Falmouth’s Whole Life Learning Program a nd Social and Environmental Action Committee and St. Barnabas Church of Falmouth’s Outreach):   Introduction
  2. Cape Cod’s climate emergency reality and opportunities for change: Best practices and progress (Cape Cod Commission, Cape Cod Climate Collaborative, and the Association to Preserve Cape Cod):  Climate Emergency
  3. How to have the greatest impact on the climate emergency and Eco-injustice: Local priorities, your values, passions, competencies, and resources and how to apply them individual, with others, as a community, and on a wider scale:
    Greatest Impact
  4. Fossil free at home, on the road, and beyond: Heating, solar, vehicles, and Eco-justice traveling: Eco-Justice Traveling
  5. The ins and outs of an Eco-justice life style on Cape Cod: Consumption, eating, and disposing for earth and Eco-justice:  Eco-justice Lifestyle
  6. How to transition your investment portfolio for the climate, the environment, and Eco-justice:  Investments
  7. Bringing back native plants, species, and Eco-systems to Cape Cod: Native Plants
  8. Supporting youth in climate and eco-justice leadership and action: Mass Audubon’s Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary youth leaders, and education coordinator, a high school teacher, social worker, faith community leader, and leaders of the Faith Communities Environmental Network: Supporting Youth

GOOD NEWS:  ALL Cape residents have all-renewable electricity from NextEra through Cape Light Compact

Click here for Cape Light Compact website

Cape Cod Climate Change Organizations

State of the Waters of Cape Cod

Know the Local Climate Plan: Cape Cod Commission’s Climate Action Plan

Upper Cape Progressive Engagement Calendar

Falmouth’s climate vulnerability Facts

Boston Globe’s “At the Edge of a Warming World” Video on the Cape’s climate vulnerability

Sustainable fishing, farming, aquaculture, and renewable energy

Challenges Facing the Aquifer by Dr. David Dow

UU Falmouth Press Release: Be the Hope – 30 Cape Towns

“Be the Hope” was discussed on The Point in its April 22, 2022, Friday News Roundup. Environment Reporter Eve Zukoff explained it to Friday Host Steve Junker starting at about sixteen and a half minutes 16:30 into the 50-minute news round up broadcast. The news round up starts with news about PFAS water contamination. The tree-planting discussion is about 2 minutes long)
Here’s the link:

Be the Hope on The Point on WCAI

Thirty Organizations from All 15 Cape Towns Join UU Falmouth To Plant 1,500 Native White Oak Seedlings

UU Falmouth Takes Action

The Association to Preserve Cape Cod

Faith Communities Environmental Network (35 faith communities on the Cape and Islands including UU Falmouth)

Cape Climate News

Cape 2021 Net-Zero Conference Videos

Global Climate Change Science News

Global Environmental/Climate Stories for Hope

UU Falmouth Arbor Day on You Tube with Lew Stern

UU Falmouth’s Multi-Media Zoom Earth Day Service: April 10th 2022 Recording

UU Falmouth 2022 Tree Planting Initiative

Click here to view the recent Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Planning Presentation after flooding events.
Clicking on the link will download the document to your computer.

The Boston Globe has created a powerful new app “At the Edge of a Warming World” describing the past and present Cape and what climate change has done.


Sustain your hope and resilience with Pachamama’s free on-line programs and webinars

Unitarian Universalist Association’s Environmental and Eco-Justice Resources