[Sunday Service is held at our UU Falmouth Meeting House. The Service will also be offered on Zoom at the regular login. Coffee Hour takes place after the Service and on Zoom. Check this month’s Sandscript, listed on the Communications page, for specifics.

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Monday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday, 9 – 2 PM.

We celebrate religious diversity and the seasons of the year through our annual calendar of celebrations and observances.

September: We begin our church year with Water Communion bringing waters from our summer experiences to pour into a common bowl. This represents how our many lives create one community.

November: We take time to cultivate a deeper spirit of gratitude for all that is our lives in our Thanksgiving service.

December: An opportunity to enjoy many Happy Holidays! We often recognize Hannukah in honor of our many Jewish members and friends, as well as the Winter Solstice and Christmas Eve.

January/February: It lightens the mood of these dark days to hold a Blessing of the Animals. This is a joyous tradition that celebrates the love that our animal companions bring to us.

February: Around Charles Darwin’s birthday we celebrate the importance of curiosity, scientific inquiry, and critical thinking with a Sunday designated as Darwin Day.

The Spring season brings several opportunities for celebration:  

  • Easter Sunday
  • Passover Seder – hosted for the larger fellowship by our Jewish members
  • Earth Day – an important  observance for us as part of our commitment to environmental justice and to being a Green Sanctuary.
  • Flower Communion – We gather and share flowers during service as a way to celebrate our faith’s diversity. This custom originated with Czech Unitarian minister Norbert Capek, who died in the Nazi death camps as a conscientious objector.