Sunday Service is held at our UU Falmouth Meeting House. The Service will also be offered on Zoom at the regular login. Coffee Hour takes place after the Service and on Zoom. Check this month’s Sandscript, listed on the Communications page, for specifics.

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Monday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday, 9 – 2 PM.


Our Commitment to Environmental and Eco-Justice

As Unitarian Universalists, we seek to live principled lives, following the seven UU Principles to the best of ability. The Seventh Principle focuses on “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part”. Many people interpret this “web” as being restricted solely to the natural world. But Eco-justice is based on our relationship with both the natural and social world. “Eco” refers to the Eco-system that does not center around humans but is far greater. It includes everything from our atmosphere to our economic system, from the millions of species of living animals to food security, political parties, and the communication networks between trees and fungi.
To respect the interdependent web of all existence while also following the six other UU Principles, we do so with the belief in the inherent worth and dignity of all people  and the essential nature of conscience and moral imperatives. We do not only act as stewards of the Earth but as advocates for equality and justice. We learn to live and live to learn and adapt to our changing world. As we stand up for eco-justice, we rise for the sustainability and morality of the entire eco-system and the equitable impacts of, and solutions to climate change, social discord, democracy, and the attempts to weaken the right of law. 
As a Green Sanctuary, UU Falmouth fights to ensure that nobody is left behind because their gender, age, abilities, cultural backgrounds, economic status, what language they speak, their age, or their political party. Our commitment to Eco-justice demands that we step back and see the world as a complex system while acting locally with others to ensure justice everywhere.