Sunday Service is held at our UU Falmouth Meeting House. The Service will also be offered on Zoom at the regular login. Coffee Hour takes place after the Service and on Zoom. Check this month’s Sandscript, listed on the Communications page, for specifics.

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Monday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday, 9 – 2 PM.


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Our congregation is dedicated to serving the needs of its members of all ages.

Whole Life Learning provides space and an atmosphere where we can bring together all ages and grow a community – our beloved community.   As a beloved community we will focus outward as much as inward – toward the larger community, society and world, as our Seven Principles remind us.

Our Vision:  Whole Life Learning is a program to educate and inspire ourselves to live the UU principles in our fellowship and the greater community.

Our Mission:  To provide multi-generational experiences that foster personal growth:  ethically, spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally and that reinforce our values within our fellowship and the community. We will do our best to support individuals at all life stages in developing their whole selves (spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual) as well as deepen connections between all ages in an authentic multi-generational UU community.

Underlying our activities are our shared values, expressed in the Unitarian Universalist Principles, and the desire for personal growth and connection.

Currently our programming includes presentations, films, book reads and discussions to explore issues we care about. Whole Life Learning collaborates with the Social and Environmental Action and Welcoming Congregation Committees.  We will sponsor multi-generational events, including game night, dances, open mic-night, coffee house and hanging the pride banner.

For our children and youth, we offer OWL (Our Whole Lives) Lifespan sexuality education. We are planning to continue and grow all these programs from a radically inclusive approach, by challenging and changing deeply ingrained cultural habits and expanding our work beyond Sunday mornings.

Learning is an opportunity to expand our understanding of self, community, and world, while creating lasting relationships. At our core, we believe that learning builds a stronger community who is ready to engage the world and take the risks needed to make it better. We hope you will join us and look forward to learning more about you as we learn and grow as a Unitarian Universalist community.

Please see the Sandwich Road Menu (our weekly newsletter) for this week’s events and see the Calendar for future events and meetings.


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  • To get links to our online events so you can join us, please email Kit, our administrator, at or call her at (508) 457-0449.