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Family Time

Hello fellow explorers and learners of all ages!

We are connecting and learning together “virtually” while the meetinghouse is closed for safety.  Some events are happening already, and we’re busy planning more:

For Adults: Presentations, films, and discussions to probe issues we care about (e.g., current events that relate to social, racial, and environmental justice) as well as our new Butterfly Hours casual open-mic storytelling via Zoom

For All Ages: A variety of special multi-generational events, including holiday parties, beach cleanups, and Family Butterfly Hours (a multi-generational version of our casual open-mic Zoom storytelling).

For Children & Youth:

For Babies & Preschoolers: Professional child care in the nursery (once we are in the Meetinghouse again)

For Children: Stories read aloud, arts and crafts, and activities inside and outside

For Middle Schoolers: Popular UU programs – OWL, Neighboring Faiths, and Coming of Age – as well as Youth Group

For High School Youth: Social, racial, and environmental justice projects, and get-togethers just for fun – all determined by the youth and their Youth Group advisor.

Underlying our activities are our shared values, expressed in the Unitarian Universalist Principles, and the desire for personal growth and connection.

Please see the Sandwich Road Menu (our weekly newsletter) for this week’s events and see the Calendar for future events and meetings.

New to UU Falmouth?
  • To get links to our online events so you can join us, please email Kit, our administrator, at admin@uuffm.org or call her at (508) 457-0449.
To find out more about Whole Life Learning, contact us at WLL@uuffm.org.