I Don’t Know Yet

Marcel Proust made one of the most profound warnings I can imagine when he advised: “Love those who seek the truth; beware of those who find it.” I think this means that he loved UU’s. A number of years ago, a Buddhist monk spent a few days in my laboratory.  We discussed the nature of […]

Science and Spirituality: Understanding and Treating Substance Use Disorder

Listen Here Substance Use Disorder (SUD) brings pain to both those who suffer from it and their loved ones. Understanding the causes and treatment of this disease is a global imperative. We will discuss SUD’s from the perspectives of science and spirituality. We will discuss how these perspectives differ and where they combine to provide […]

UU’s and Moral Relativism

Having been around UU’s for over 50 years, Steve is often struck by the absolute certitude with which we assess morality, and our firm footing on the right side of any ethical and moral divide. He will imagine a country in the near future where the U.S. President is a former president of the animal […]

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