We want to be your spiritual home.

Download our brief Visitor Form here! We’d like to get to know a bit about you.

All who support our Seven Principles are welcome to join our Fellowship. Whether you are attending UU Falmouth as a member or as a friend, we are glad to have you with us to share in our community and participate in our programs.

Members may participate fully in any and all of the fellowship’s meetings and activities. Members vote on the affairs of the congregation such as elections and budget adoption. They can also serve as leaders of the congregation as officers, directors, and chairs of committees and activities. Members make a commitment to help support the fellowship financially.

“Friends” is an informal category of those folks who are connected to our fellowship through interest, relationships, or just curiosity about our congregation and/or Unitarian Universalism. Friends are treated as members in every way but these: You must be a member to vote on the affairs of the congregation or to serve as a church officer. As a friend, you may participate in every other way.  We hope that you will want to join when you are ready.  Friends are also invited to contribute to the financial support of UU Falmouth.

Become a member at any time you feel ready to make a commitment to the fellowship by asking the minister. You must join in person. We recommend that you participate in our Exploring UU Series either before you join or soon after.

Exploring UU This three session program is offered several times a year for visitors and newcomers. The sessions are scheduled to take place after the Sunday service. These are recommended for new members and others who want to know more about our fellowship and to gain a deeper understanding of Unitarian Universalism.  Drop in on one or more sessions and join in the discussion with Rev. David Kohlmeier and several members of the congregation. For dates and topics see the Calendar and Sandwich Road Menu.