Celebrate Change (Sermon Recording)

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Rev. Tet Gallardo will discuss the period of history in which we live: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. It is important to have the tools to transition, transform and traverse the paths in which we find ourselves. Our questions and how we ask them lead us to quests and so we need to be mindful. Most of all, we need to celebrate every threshold as these are the powerful times between worlds, looking in different directions, in different ways and in different attitudes. Rev. Tet Gallardo was the former Balazs Scholar at Starr King School of the Ministry and in the last three years has served as president and executive minister of the UU Church of the Philippines, which has 25 congregations and fellowships. She is the first out lesbian minister ordained in Asia. She now considers herself retired professionally, but continues to be a staunch environmental activist and a minister to the LGBTIQA community.