Speaker: Rev. Joe Cherry

The Courage to Heal

Scars are funny things. They tell the story of a life lived, but sometimes we can mistake them for shields. We can use them as a way to keep others at bay. Explore the idea of putting down these shields and working toward healing.

The Courage to be Imperfect

We place a high value on perfection in our society, in continually working to improve ourselves and our world. We do this so thoroughly, that it is often an automatic impulse. How can we empower ourselves to embrace imperfection?

All Along the Way

Life lessons tend to come to us not all at once, but little by little,day by day. Join Rev. Joe and the Religious Services Committee as we explore some of these lessons and how we use them as we try to become the best versions … read more.

Water Communion

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Across our world, Unitarian Universalists celebrate the beginning of a new congregational year by taking part in our Water Communion. It’s a ritual that highlights our returning to each other after a time when many have traveled over the summer months. … read more.

Why Belong

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Rev. Joe asks the question, “Why Belong?” What makes Unitarian Universalism, as some joke, the most Protestant of Protestants? How can a people of such varying theologies call themselves a community? Join us this Sunday for some potential answers.

A Clenched Fist

Hands are complicated things, though we often take them for granted. What can hands symbolize and actualize? Join us this Sunday for a service that reconsiders the ordinary.

Amazing Grace

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No, not the song, though it’s a nice tune. Rev. Joe and the Religious Service Committee share stories of very human grace. Each story is rooted in our human interactions about how we, as people, can bring grace into the world … read more.


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It’s no secret that many Unitarian Universalists are fans of the Star Trek offerings. Join us this Sunday as Rev. Joe explores just why so many of us love Star Trek. For the Non-Trekkers, fear not. You should join us too. … read more.


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Juneteenth is a very important day of celebration in the history of African Americans. Come join us as we explore its history and implications.