Speaker: Rev. Joe Cherry

Ultra or Restorationist: Which Are You?

What do you know about the second “U”—you know, the “Universalist” part of our name? There’s a rich history to explore. Universalism holds some loving ideas, some lofty ideals, and plenty of conflict. This week we’ll finish off our month of looking at Love by … read more.

Agape αγάπη

Love is our theological theme for February. Don’t worry! This service is not all about romantic comedies. Join us as we consider the different ways humanity shares love.

Skipping Stones Almost Landed

February is Black History Month and this Sunday Rev. Joe will take us through some of the history of our Universalist and Unitarian for-bearers and how they engaged in the questions of race. It’s not all good news.

A 50 Year Freedom, Lost

On the 50th Anniversary of the historic Supreme Court decision that guaranteed abortions in the United States, Rev. Joe will share the history, frustrations and hopes for the story of where we are now.

Path of Wonder

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Join us this Sunday as we explore the meaning(s) of life through the lyrics of Stevie Wonder, artist extraordinaire. What can we learn about ourselves and the world from an artistic career that started in 1963 and continues to today?

Holy Curiosity

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Humans are meaning–making animals and as such we are often engaged with the question of “Why?” Anyone who has had the joy of spending time with a 3 year–old, or has been a 3 year–old, knows this. How do we keep … read more.

A Community Memorial

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It has been hard to grapple with the losses we have felt over the past 2 1/2 years as a result of the global pandemic. Although we are not through this pandemic yet, we are adjusting to its presence. It is … read more.