More information about Don Cox and our Whole Life Learning– “Miracle on a Plate” program on April 7, 2021:

When Covid 19 hit Massachusetts, so did the need for food. Don Cox responded to the unprecedented, massive need by organizing a massive response. This required creating new partnerships with hundreds of organizations, and new infrastructure, such as new distribution locations and mobile “empowerment centers.” They rapidly tripled their fleet of trucks and their major locations.

Among the Foundation’s projects are “Food4Vets” for veterans only, and “Farmers to Families Food Boxes” for both military and non-military people.

Mr. Cox had learned how to adapt to new needs and possibilities when helping veteran and military families on Cape Cod. Years earlier, he had been involved with the Otis Civilian Advisory Council.

When the Air Shows, which had funded children’s programs, stopped being held at Joint Base Cape Cod, Don and others formed the Cape Cod Military Support Foundation in 2014.

Based on that experience, he and others formed the Massachusetts Military Support Foundation in 2017. The new organization ramped up its response when the federal government shut down just before Christmas in 2018 for what would be the longest federal shutdown ever.

The Foundation’s work has been needed more than ever during the Covid 19 pandemic. Don and a small team and 2,000 volunteers rapidly increased the size and scope of the Foundation, partnering with hundreds of organizations.

Don has been awarded the 2018 New England Patriot’s Difference Maker of the Year award, the American Red Cross Hero’s Award, The Massachusetts National Guard Minuteman Award and the Joint Base Cape Cod Frank B. Otis Award.

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