Every month the UUFF has one collection plate that is designated as the “Share the Plate”.  This means that 50% of the plate that is not marked as fulfilling pledge commitments goes to a charity that is selected by the Social Action Committee.  These are the charities who have received contributions in FY 2017-18:

July:  Independence House in Hyannis:  Independence House is the only comprehensive community-based organization on Cape Cod providing free and confidential specialized services and widespread programs for adults, teens and children (ages 6 and up) who are survivors of, or affected by domestic and sexual violence.  Independence House

August:  The Carriage House in North Falmouth:  The Carriage House shelter in North Falmouth specializes in serving first-time mothers and their children. While sheltering is primary, Carriage House also provides an ongoing in-house workshop program, supportive services and linkages to community resources.  Carriage House in North Falmouth

September:  Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund:  The UUA and UUSC have formed a joint recovery and relief fund for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey:  Unitarian Universalist Disaster Relief

October: Belonging to Each Other.  This grassroots organization will enter its third year of service to the homeless residents of Falmouth this year.  BTEO grew with the pTarticipation of many local faith organizations providing temporary housing to around 50 people.  BTEO has also provided other needed services and counseling to the participants:   Belonging to Each Other

November:  The Governing Board has voted to have a designated collection on November 12, 2017 to go to Puerto Rico Relief.  The recipient will be the San Juan Rotary Club.  Giving to this organization would allow us to receive personal input on where our donations are going and their impact.  Steve Treistman trusts Gerardo  Cumpeano of the San Juan Rotary to do the right thing at the local level.

December:  Around the Table at St. Barnabas Church. Around the Table provides regular, free hot meals to the community. The all-volunteer-run effort is going into its 33rd year.”  “We’re here for anybody who needs a meal,” said Lesley L. Sullivan, who serves as treasurer for Around the Table.”  Cape News: Around the Table