UU Falmouth hopes you will fulfill your pledges and make other contributions so that we, in turn, can pay staff, maintain the building, and support other organizations in our community. We ask you to choose one of the following methods to send money to support the work of UU Falmouth.

You can mail checks to UU Falmouth at 840 Sandwich Road, E. Falmouth, MA 02536. If donating by check please be sure to include your name and mailing address and the purpose of your donation (see list below.) If your contribution is being made to honor or memorialize someone, please include that information, making sure to include the name and mailing address of anyone who should receive notification.

If you prefer to make payments electronically you can make payments with:

Your bank’s Bill Pay feature. Each bank is different, so if you don’t know how to do you this, you can call your bank for directions on their particular set-up.

PayPal: Use the Donate button at the top of the right-hand sidebar or at the bottom of each page on this website to give via PayPal. You should find the option to leave a note when making your PayPal donation. Please enter a purpose, according to the list at the bottom of this page. If you don’t see that option, please send an email to to notify us of the amount and purpose of your donation.

Purposes approved in UUFF’s Gift Acceptance Policy:

    • Offering (in lieu of Sunday collection basket)
    • Share the Plate
    • Pledge for church year.
    • Social Action
    • Food Certificate Program
    • Minister’s Discretionary Fund
    • Endowment
    • Memorial Fund
    • Woodland Memorial Fund
    • Youth Enrichment Grant Fund