The Social Action Committee distributes the funds raised through our Food Certificate Sales to charitable organizations on Cape Cod. We support this effort both by purchasing food certificates and making 2020/21 donations to the Food Certificate Distribution account.

The 2016/17 Local Giving Report

The 2017/18 Local Giving Report

The 2018/19 Local Giving Report

The 2019/20 Local Giving Report

The organizations receiving funds from this program include:

  • Carriage House
  • Independence House
  • Fairwinds
  • Around the Table
  • Bourne Food Pantry
  • Falmouth Service Center
  • Sandwich Food Pantry
  • South Coastal Counties Legal Services
  • Silent Spring
  • CIGSYA, known as Thrive
  • Habitat for Humanity.
  • Wellstrong

Buying groceries with a gift certificate costs nothing and is as easy as using a debit card.

  •  5% of what you spend at your supermarket will be given to local charities – and it will not cost you anything.
  • The money adds up. If you spend $150 a week at a local supermarket that’s $7,800 a year. Five percent of $7,800 is $390 you would be giving to charity if you use Gift Certificates for your supermarket purchases.

How does the gift certificate program work?

  1. Participating supermarkets sell Gift Certificates to us at a 5% discount. So, a $100 Gift Certificate costs us only $95.
  2. We sell the Gift Certificate to you for $100.
  3. You use the Gift certificate at the participating supermarket. We give the $5 to a local food pantry or shelter listed above.
  4. Everybody benefits. The supermarket fulfills its community service desires. UU Falmouth fulfills its mission to help people in need. You give more to charity than you might otherwise afford.

Where can you buy the Gift Certificates?

In the UUFF Lobby on Sunday after services and during the week and T – F between 9 am and noon in the Meetinghouse office. Gift certificate are available for $25, $50, $100 and $200. Pay in cash or check for your certificates and use the certificates to pay for your food.

Which Supermarkets participate in the program?

  • Stop & Shop
  • Roche Brothers
  • Windfall Market
  • Jack in the Beanstalk
  • Shaw’s