Check the list below for recorded sermons available for replay:

Sermon by Rev. Peter Morales

Julie DeSorgher will share a sermon delivered by Rev. Peter Morales in 2012. Rev. Morales was our UUA President from 2009–2017. He posits that religion really isn’t or shouldn’t be about what we believe, rather religion should be beyond belief. Come and hear Rev. Morales’ … read more.

Four Friends and a Futon

The growing opioid problem has impacted our communities regardless of class, education, race or gender. In this morning’s sermon Rev. Hank Peirce will be using one of Jesus’ parables as an example of the power of forgiveness in the healing and recovery processes.The Rev. Hank … read more.

Inviting a Guest to Your Table

In Haiti, Fiji, Ukraine, Burma, Nicaragua and more than 20 other countries around the globe, the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee  UUSC) advances human rights in partnership with grassroots community leaders. UU Falmouth member Bob Cronon and his daughter Carly, who works at UUSC, are delighted … read more.