Waiting for Emmanuel

One of the most familiar hymns at this time of year is “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.” The term “Emmanuel” is a title often given to Jesus, but its roots are in Judaism, in the Book of Isaiah. What did this term “Emmanuel” originally mean for Isaiah? In our increasingly tense and divided nation, how … Continued

Learning to Love the Dark

The Holidays are a difficult time for many us. Many struggle with depression as the dark days of winter increase, while others of us are painfully reminded by all the holiday traditions of loved ones no longer in our lives. Amid the jangle and noise of the secular holiday season, this morning we’ll pause to … Continued

Defying Hate: Lessons from the Maccabees

The Jewish festival of Hanukkah has roots in ancient resistance to tyranny and brutal religious and ethnic persecution. This morning we’ll consider what lessons this historic rebellion has for our own modern-day struggle against hate.

The Radical Politics of the Manger

The traditional Christian images of the birth of Jesus are so familiar as to be almost cliché, but they are in fact filled with radical political ideas that their original, first-century Jewish and Roman audience would have clearly seen. We’ll look at the shepherds, the virgin mother, the manger, the angels, the magi, the angry … Continued