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Freedom to Submit

One of the largest and fasting growing global religions, “Islam,” emphasizes submission as the central ethic of the spiritual life. Is this the opposite of the Unitarian Universalist emphasis on personal freedom in religion? We’ll explore the relationship of freedom to submission by looking at … read more.

Contemporary Worship, What’s It All About

UU leaders at Meadville Lombard Seminary have been studying the ways we worship and suggest that contemporary worship must be dynamic to appeal to more people and a wider range of people. Let’s try a little contemporary flair. What could this look like? Let’s open … read more.

Brave New World vs. Job Talk

Lately, some of us choose between extremes: 1) painful engagement with every startling news article, or 2) withdrawal that might include a personal news blackout. Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World presents a dystopian society in which the wonder drug Soma is used as a political … read more.

Hymn Sing

For this service we will be singing our favorite hymns. You are invited to send in your suggestions in advance of the service to Fred Johnson at From those ideas, we’ll come up with our list of hymns to sing. Come  join … read more.

Reason and Reverence

Does it makes sense for reasonable people to talk about “reverence”? Can an Atheist or Agnostic be “religious”? Are spirituality and religion necessary for a fulfilling life? This service will draw primarily from the works of the Rev. Bill Murray, former president of the UU … read more.