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In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

This Sunday we’ll conclude our series on vulnerability by looking at institutional as well as individual experiences. We hope to offer you a lot to chew on. We’ve been talking about individual experiences. What happens when we widen our lens?

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It’s Hard to Be Joyful

Joy seems like something that should be easy to obtain, to access, to live within, and yet most of us spend our lives trying to find the elusive trigger that could bring us into joy. Join us this Sunday as we ask questions and seek … read more.

What About When I Was Wrong?

Very few of us enjoy being wrong, and yet it has happened to all of us in big and small ways. This Sunday Rev. Joe will talk about being wrong and the importance of acknowledging our mistakes.

Ultra or Restorationist: Which Are You?

What do you know about the second “U”—you know, the “Universalist” part of our name? There’s a rich history to explore. Universalism holds some loving ideas, some lofty ideals, and plenty of conflict. This week we’ll finish off our month of looking at Love by … read more.

This Extraordinary Moment

Guest Speaker Scott Fitzmaurice of We Thrive LGBTQ Center. Legacy Impact. As we expand love within us and share it in new ways with the world, it passes through us first. We will explore themes such as expanding housing, living housing vs real estate, and … read more.

Skipping Stones Almost Landed

February is Black History Month and this Sunday Rev. Joe will take us through some of the history of our Universalist and Unitarian for-bearers and how they engaged in the questions of race. It’s not all good news.

Off Balance

At the beginning of the summer of 2022, Rev. Bill had a major health event that rocked his world. This is the story of his recovery and rehabilitation. It turned into a story of inspiration periods of the movement of Grace! Rev. Bill Clark has … read more.

A 50 Year Freedom, Lost

On the 50th Anniversary of the historic Supreme Court decision that guaranteed abortions in the United States, Rev. Joe will share the history, frustrations and hopes for the story of where we are now.